inspired by wistful vintage essence, a cotton slip
ruffled by breezes, the relaxed softness of laundered linens,
the simplicity of cotton batiste. organdy finds it’s nonchalant
nature. silk cotton is perfectly quiet in colors that describe breeze,
whisper & vista ~ at the ready to accompany you wherever your
reminiscence may lead you next.







from afar
it was hard to make out the ruins
hidden from view, grown over
but as we got closer one could see
the walls
still held the color
of other days, other times
shades of water, ochre, persimmon & lilac
silks for a new season


introducing jodie franco’s EARTH NEST STUDIO
a new collection of handcrafted clothes 
inspired by her travels in india
gather elements of the earth & artisan tradition

indigo hand-printed coats & vests 
mud-resist dye graces silk cotton tunics
sewn with delicate trims & tender stitches