Even the night owns a shade of light, the veil opening & closing to reveal an ancient sea inside of each new star—

There is a murky minerality to the most brilliant of colors. In the clearest turquoise water, remnants of volcanic rock & sand mark an imperfect beauty; it’s how you know what is natural & not artificial, what is elegant because it is impermanent. 

Indigo is the color of the shop this summer, bringing a calm, collected cool to your wardrobe. Each month, we hand-dye a few dozen garments that begin to possess their own unique form and color the longer they bathe; no piece is exactly identical to another. 

Toward the end of the day, a sharpening of shadows in the blue twilight. The night soon turns the corner, the landscape still familiar in darkness. 

As the desert cools, you might still need a Silk Layer Slip or a Chamisa Blouse to grace your shoulders. We have chosen the deepest shades of satin blue indigo for you. 

Homefrocks was born from the canyons, valleys, & desert of New Mexico. Our greatest
inspiration is the place we live, our designs & hues taking form as direct
outpourings of the landscape. Collections are timeless yet possess a sensitivity to the current weather: high-quality fabrics, dyes & details are sourced & hand-selected by a small, dedicated team. Materials such as silk, linen, wool & velvet shape slips, dresses, & simply tailored
jackets that are meant to be layered organically. We find beauty in the balance between a classic cut & a fresh embroider or pocket to hold a talisman from your travels.