Homefrocks is pleased to be incorporating Italian wools into our ever-evolving collections.

The wool producers of Northern Italy have partnered with designers & tailors since the 18th
century & maintain a localized, animal-to-textile practice. As a small, independent design studio, Homefrocks is always looking to collaborate with businesses that have an overlay of history embedded into their process & produce a high quality product. 

Wools in Homefrocks’ collection are freshly laundered & tinted in shades of winter, suitable for
any season in New Mexico. We make garments that reflect & adapt with the weather of the place we live in - this means lighter layers for summer nights in the mountains & warmer combinations for the depths of winter. Wool is a perfect material for the creativity required of high desert dressing. 

Overshirts, vests, tunics & pants are all currently available in solids and plaids,
pumices & darker shades of grays, reflecting the rock & sky of Santa Fe.