Each morning we stand inside a beautiful strand of thought; the act of getting dressed creates a time & place for ideas. Even for those of us who make style seem effortless, we enter into a space of dialogue with ourselves —
What do I feel right now?
What will I experience when I step outside? 
What movements might I be likely to make, or, where will I be still?
Will my skin be able to breathe and allow me to move freely, creating my day from a place of comfort?
Does this composition align with what I stand for?
Heavyweight linens feel great in the studio, cotton layers on a morning walk along the acequia, the tissue weight of wool wrapped around our shoulders with a morning coffee, a silk slip at sunset with tapas & a glass of wine. Here at Homefrocks, we take our cues & signs directly from the desert itself — to exist here means wearing layers that adapt to the seasons, that move between fluctuations of weather, from wide summer hats & dusty sandals to wrapped knits for winter.
As artists working with color, texture and materials all day, we get picky with what we drape around ourselves. our garment hues take their names from the sources that directly surround them — thistle, carbon, indigo, curry & natural white. They are the outpourings of sun and sky — vibrant energy made into fabric, not artificially construed.