To wobble out of bed, still heavy with sleep & jump from the sailboat, into the sea's arms —
This is how the day begins, followed by a sip of morning coffee & a row to shore, where bathing suits are swapped for a linen Wanderer Dress or Work Shirt. In Greece craggy islands of rock rise up from the azure waters, textures of island to explore underfoot. Here, Homefrocks' linens in indigo & twig fit seamlessly with the loose, natural clothing of Greece; without sticking to the skin, they also offer a protective layer from the sun.
Homefrocks' model & creative collaborator Muriël reminds us that New Mexico was once the bottom of a vast, ancient sea. Although large bodies of water may not feel close in the high desert, the ghost of water is all around, & the mountains sit like islands between "waters" of sky & cloud. There is a connective, spiritual tissue of open space, a feeling of being at home, a rich history embedded in the earth.
In Greece, the clothes do the talking against the landscape, & one dresses for their immediate environment. After an afternoon of hiking, it's time to set sail again & anchor somewhere quiet in a new bay, a new corner of water to rest. Next, an evening spent with family in a local tavern for food & drink. This subtly mirrors a day in Santa Fe, where Homefrocks pieces are often worn between the market, gallery, & a visit to a grandmother, then for sitting down to dinner with a loved one. wherever we go, we close the circle in good company. 
Homefrocks would like to offer a warm thank you to Muriël & to her parents, Erik van den Berg & Femmie Goudswaard, for taking these beautiful photographs for Homefrocks on their sailing trip.