The natural fiber for Homefrocks' custom alpaca collection is sourced from a sustainable alpaca network in Peru, where each batch of wool can be traced back to its source date. The process for turning alpaca wool into a garment is a many-stepped process, beginning with the shearing of the animal. Next, the fibers are aligned in a process called carding. Finally, the wool is spun into a yarn, washed & air dried. 
Alpaca wool is considerably softer & more durable than sheep's wool. The weight of the fiber provides a heavy, luxurious blanket for the skin that is both warm & water resistant. Because the wool contains no lanolin, it is a hypoallergenic textile. This lack of grease also gives alpaca its luminous shine. 
Due to these numerous qualities, the Incan empire reserved alpaca wool for royalty. Indigenous South Americans have bred alpacas for thousands of years and dyed the fibers in natural colors. At Homefrocks, whether the garment be a pullover, turtleneck or cardi, we try to stay true to tones that feel both organic & earth-based: charcoal, sand & slate currently dot our studio. Drape over a linen slip for an added layer of warmth, or wear joggers as an outfit of its own.