the poems embroidered onto these slips seek to draw a quiet dream or photographic moment for those who wear them. written as part of a unique series of nine by nancy traugott, each stitch is a mark of a path being traveled, begun in the hands of homefrocks' and passed on to you.


each piece in this series has been uniquely designed, embroidered, and dyed to reflect the atmosphere and movement of its accompanying poem. the phrases are not explicit narratives, but rather remembrances in this form of gesture—the way we might remember light on the road at a certain hour in the desert. 


one slip offers a freestanding poem; a set of slips offers a twining of the poems into a more fully visible, versatile collection of words. in wearing these poems, we hope they reveal themselves more fully to you as you walk your own landscape and respond to its weather. like a talisman made specially for their companion, the words are also small incantations or chants. and like a chant becomes a physical expression of devotion, the poems and garments alike are living lives of their own together.